What I wore…


Recently with my clothes I’ve found it’s the simple things that catches my attention, like clean cuts, classic styles and really utilising those staple items in my wardrobe. The best part of such items being you can generally throw these pieces on and still make a look work.


Fortunately for me, one frantic Sunday morning blind rummage later I think the outfit worked out ok, even with it being of those “I said left the house 10 minutes ago” days.


hmprodl Captureklk



My Rotary watch was a bit of an impulse buy. I think the romantic in me fell in love with the quaint notion of a moon phase function on the watch- admittedly one which I have never used nor even set correctly, but like how it reminds me of an old pocket watch.

  • Jumper- H&M with this one definitely order a good few sizes smaller
  • Trousers- BHS- similar
  • Trench- H&M (Sold out) similar
  • Crossbody bag- Zara
  • Watch- Rotary
  • Sandals- Bertie (Sold out) similar



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