What I wore…

I adore turquoise (it is my birthstone after all) in jewellery, particularly when paired with gold and find it can change and brighten an outfit, whether its worn with a white outfit for the summer or with this seasons burgundy tones it can really add interest to a look. I picked up the one I’m wearing from Shoreditch market but here are a few I’ve seen online that I really love.


Necklace- market, breton stripe top- h&m, trousers- m&s, shirt- Primark, sunglasses- Rayban and sandals-Bertie


Here are a few of my top picks available to grab now… and yes I did go Forver 21 mad!


  1. Etsy-
  2. Forever 21– £9.90
  3. Forever 21– £5.65
  4. Forever 21– £13.90
  5. Forever 21– £10.65
  6. Etsy– £15.98

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